Verkur 30% CBD (Pain/Inflammation)

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Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Isolate, Terpenes

0,0% THC

Pain whether it comes from trauma or medical disorder is frequently linked to some sort of inflammation. Pain symptoms can be effectively managed with the right combo of CBD and anti-inflammatory terpenes even if they are acute or chronic. Verkur may just do that and more, alleviate the pain and say goodbye to ungiving mornings and disturbed sleep.

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Verkur sensations

Reported by <b>578</b> real people like you
Reported by 578 real people like you

Last Updated 07/18/2022

Helps with:

61% of people say it helps with pain
26% of people say it helps with headache
18% of people say it helps with stress


47% of people feel relaxed
23% of people feel relaxed

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